69 Tzermiado ? Altopiano di Nissimos ? Karfi

69 Tzermiado ? Altopiano di Nissimos ? Karfi

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Tzermiado ? Plateau of Nissimos ? Karfi

This is a short and pleasant route that starts at the village of Tzermiado and finishes in Karfi. Visitors are rewarded with beautiful sprawling views of the plateau as they slowly ascend and stunning wildlife landscapes that showcase the rough beauty of Crete island. The small and picturesque village of Tzermiado nel Altopiano di Lassithi. Da nord, la distanza è di soli 20 km da Malia, and if you prefer to drive inland from Agios Nikolaos the 40 km drive will take you through Zenia e Mesa Potami. Even though there are only a few accommodation options in the village, the tavernas and cafes are excellent and known for their local produce. During the wintertime, this is an excellent weekend escape for fresh air, short hikes and hearty meals. The region also has an archaeological interest, with several excavations bringing to light findings from the Minoan period.

The area is also popular with birdwatchers.

The E4 route from Tzermiado to Karfi

At the western entrance to the village of Tzermiado (1), where the Health Centre of the Altopiano di Lassithi area is to be found, a dirt road begins, which snakes on the slope until the small plateau of Nissimos.

Just after the entrance to the plateau, there is a left branch of the road (2) which leads to the foot of the western slope, next to a small chapel (3). Northwards, in the distance, the summit of Selena can be distinguished. At the spot where the unsurfaced road ends, a clear footpath begins; this path passes by the Vitsilovrisi water spring (4) and then climbs on the southern side of a hollow where traces of ancient terraces are visible. After approximately 30 minutes of ascent, we arrive at a saddle on the mountain line (5) from where the impressive summit of Karfi can be seen. Karfi, or nail in Greek, takes its name from the prominent limestone rock formation that is present at the summit. The ancient name of the location is still unknown. Karfi è anche considerato da alcuni archeologi un santuario di picco. Si tratta di luoghi di rito religioso situati sulle montagne di Creta e comuni durante il periodo minoico, dove di solito si trovano figure umane e animali in argilla.

On the saddle between the main mountain line and Karf?, the ruins of an ancient town of Eteokrites si trovano.

Lunghezza del percorso 3,5 km
Durata dell'escursione 1,5 ore
Quando fare un'escursione Primavera, autunno, estate, inverno
Regione del percorso Lassithi