32 Moundros – Agkouseliana

32 Moundros – Agkouseliana

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Moundros – Agouseliana

In this part of the E4 route, we are at the edge of the regional unit of Rethymno and will travel from Moundros or Mountros to the village of Agkouseliana. The path travels south past charming villages and running waters. Moundros is built at an altitude of 280 m and is a traditional settlement with very few permanent residents and has several abandoned buildings from the Byzantine period and impressive churches.

The E4 route from Moundros to Agkouseliana

From the square at the northern exit of Moundros (1), we follow the road in a south-easterly direction and after 150 m we pass by a chapel.

We continue uphill on a distinct path for another 400 m and then we come to a dirt road (2) which we follow southwards, into a small, bare valley, where a stream and the ruins of an old watermill can be seen. After 1,5 km, and having exited the valley, we follow the left branch (3) of the dirt road for 500 m and then turn left (4) and follow the central dirt road, ignoring any branches. After 600 m, we follow a left branch (5), ignore the next two left ones, as well as two right ones, and we walk through a small watercourse (6) with plane trees.

Next, we continue on the central dirt road in a south-easterly direction and after 1,5 km we come to a watercourse. Immediately after, we are in the bed of yet another watercourse, which joins into the first one, beneath enormous plane trees. This area is named Nifis Potamia (7) (= rivers of a bride-to-be), where according to tradition, a beautiful girl was drowned, on her way to the wedding ceremony. Here you will find running water from the fountain and is a perfect spot to rest or pass the night, weather permitting.

Having left the watercourse, we continue eastwards, following a dirt road. After 1 km we come to an asphalt road (8), which we follow in a south-easterly direction, until the village of Agkouseliana (9), where we arrive after approximately 3 km. A short and very enjoyable hike.


Path Length 11 km
Hiking Duration 3.5 hour
When to hike Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter
Path Region Rethymno