Marmara, Lykos & Finikas Beach

Marmara, Lykos & Finikas Beach

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On the southern coast of Crete, west of the town of Loutro, we find a bay with three beautiful beaches. Beginning our exploration, we can move from west to east, and discover those inaccessible by road.

Marmara Beach

The beach of Marmara (meaning marble) is located at the exit of the stunning Aradena Gorge. A most suitable name considering the layers of white marble and otherworldly appearance of the rocks that surround it.

There is no road access to Marmara Beach, so you will have to get there on foot, through the E4 European long-distance path, or take a boat from Loutro. To hike to Marmara beach from Loutro takes about an hour and a half, and from the nearby beach of Lykos just under an hour. Many visitors combine it with a hike down the gorge of Aradena.

Marmara, Lykos & Finikas Beach

The beach is composed of small pebbles and has turquoise, crystal-clear water. A small part of it is organized with a few umbrellas and sun-beds; nearby you will also find a small taverna. Continuing east on the E4 Trail towards Loutro, you will arrive at the beach of Lykos, by the village of the same name.

Lykos Beach

The beach of Lykos (the Wolf) is inaccessible by road. This is another secluded and rocky beach, most suitable for snorkelling. You can reach it on the E4 Walking Trail, from Marmara to the west and from Loutro to the east. Nearby visitors will find accommodation options and small tavernas.

Marmara, Lykos & Finikas Beach

Finikas Beach

To the east of Lykos beach, is Phoenix or Finikas. In the old days, it served as a port and was an important centre for the production of purple dye made from murex seashells. The beach, named after the presence of palm trees, is set between two coves. A secluded beach, with small pebbles, it can only be reached by sea or on foot like the rest of the beaches nearby. The E4 European long-distance path crosses through the area. Taking the dirt-road from Livaniana is not recommended. It is excellent for snorkelling and fishing. You will find rooms to let and restaurants nearby. Further east, we find the village of Loutro.

Marmara, Lykos & Finikas Beach