Kalochoriano Gorge

Kalochoriano Gorge

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Kalo Chorio literally translates to “Nice Village” which is what this unknown and remote area of the eastern part of Crete island offers. A pleasant village, with close access to the coast and beautiful beaches, traditional, sleepy settlements and friendly locals.

The village of Kalo Chorio is located nearby Istro and Forti, with the former being the most popular choice for holidaymakers and offering more options in terms of accommodation, tavernas and general activities. It is only 12 km from Agios Nikolaos and 58 km from Sitia. If you are in the area, do not miss a visit to Voulisma beach. With soft white sand and turquoise waters, this is one of the most popular swimming spots in the area. There is plenty of parking space and parts of it are organized with sunbeds.

Kalochoriano Gorge

The gorge of Kalo Chorio, found in the area is a relatively small but interesting gorge. Not easy to find or well known to tourists, the route does not exceed 4 km and the altitude difference between entrance and exit reaches 260 meters. It starts from the homonymous village and crosses an area between two steep hills, which is dominated by the hairy thorny broom (Calicotome villosa), kermes oaks (Quercus coccifera) and tree spurge (Euphorbia dendroides). A significant number of reptiles and rodents nest in the gorge. For a longer route in the area, you can start from the tower in the village of Kalo Chorio, and pass by the watermill, moving south towards the old stone path towards Prina and its stunning pine forest. The gorge is also known as Katsikandara.

The village of Prina is a traditional Cretan village 18 km south of Agios Nikolaos on the route to Ierapetra. The mountain scenery is complete with olive and pine trees and there are a few local tavernas and shops in the area. This is the starting point for the E4 trail that crosses through Messeleri village and finishes at the Monastery of Vriomeni following an eastward direction.

For more information on the E4 European long-distance path in Crete island and more ideas for hiking routes, head to the relevant section on the website.