Hametoulo gorge

Hametoulo gorge

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The gorge of Hametoulo, also spelt Chametoulo, is found on the remote southeastern coast of Crete island, in between the villages of Ziros and Xerokambos.

It is a small gorge of spectacular beauty and relatively easy to cross, suitable for families with children. It begins near the village of Hametoulo and ends up at a lovely beach south of Xerokambos where you can stay and enjoy the day. The walk through the gorge is easily accessible and does not require any special skills. It is approximately 3 kilometres long and the elevation difference between the entrance and the outlet is almost 400 metres. During the walk, a number of gates will have to be opened then closed, to make sure the animals are kept inside. A fairly obvious military base is located near the village, which visitors should steer clear of.

Hametoulo gorge

The area of Xerokambos is a relatively unknown natural paradise, with stunning ravines, gorges and canyons everywhere you turn to look. The combination of beach access and secluded mountain slopes, create an irresistible combination for any nature enthusiast. The beaches around this part of the island are some of the most remote a visitor can see.

The gorge of Lamnoniou and the gorge of Agia Irini are also found in the area.

The E4 European long-distance path crosses through the village of Ziros following a northern direction, towards Skalia and the gorge of Zakros before finishing at the gorge of Hohlakies. It is the easternmost part of the E4 trail; an overnight stay at the village of Kato Zakros is highly recommended.

At the beach of Xerokambos and the small coastal village situated there, the scenery is characterized by bare rocks and steep mountains. While undoubtedly beautiful, the area is unknown to most visitors and attracts a small number of tourists that seek relaxing holidays. A small mini-market, a few tavernas and accommodation options can be found here. The small bays in the area offer every kind of beach you could dream of, including golden sand, turquoise waters, and coarse pebbles. In Argilos Beach, you will also find an “argilos” meaning “clay” hill that you can use on your skin for a natural spa.