Nautical Museum of Chania

Nautical Museum of Chania

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The Maritime Museum of Crete is located at the entrance of the historic Fortress Firkas. It is a beautiful location, that most visitors stumble across on their promenade around the waterfront and worth exploring in full to become acquainted with the rich maritime history of Crete.

It was founded in 1973 and has been awarded by the Historical and Ethnological Society. The museum is spread over two floors and is divided into thirteen sections from antiquity to the battle of Crete. The permanent exhibition includes 2,500 exhibits such as heirlooms, objects retrieved from the seabed, paintings, maps, photographs, ship models, various naval instruments, etc. The exhibition of the marine environment is unique with a rich collection of shells from different parts of the world. A section of the museum is focused entirely on the German Occupation during World War II. The museum also has a model of the Minoan ship “Minos’‘ which is exhibited in a separate building, in the Venetian Neoria, in the eastern part of the old port, near the district of KumKapi. Apart from the exhibits, the museum has a rich library with Greek and foreign publications of nautical content.

The museum is visited by more than 45,000 people annually and is the second oldest in the country after the Maritime Museum in Piraeus. Various educational programs, exhibits and workshops are available over the year. The hours of operation are subject to change with no previous notice so it is best to call ahead, especially for larger groups.

As it is centrally located, visitors can combine their visit with a walk around the fortress of Firka, some light shopping or coffee and lunch in one of the excellent waterfront tavernas that offer beautiful views of the lighthouse. Walking towards Akti Tompazi you can stop by the Turkish Hammam Topana, and maybe pop into the Archaeological Museum of Chania nearby. As you head back down towards the harbor, Yali Tzamizi, the most characteristic mosque in the city and most popular monument in the city of Chania frames the scene.



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