Galini & Achlia Beach

Galini & Achlia Beach

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East of Ierapetra on the southern coast of Crete island, we find beaches of unparalleled beauty, wild and rugged, mostly secluded and ideal for those that want to avoid the crowds and unwind. Two of these beaches, in between the coastal villages of Agia Fotia and Koutsouras, are Galini and Achlia. The distance from Ierapetra is only 18 km and will take approximately 25 minutes. On the way there, you will also pass by the beach of Agia Fotia, which requires a bit of walk to reach but is very much worth it. Visitors will find everything they need in the villages nearby including accommodation options, local tavernas and a few shops.

Galini & Achlia Beach

Galini Beach

Galini is the first village you will come across after passing Agia Fotia and has given its name to the beach. It is framed by numerous small coves and has small pebbles. The widest of the bays is the most popular and is found not far from the main road. Crystal clear waters and soft sand make up the seafloor. Despite its proximity to the village, the beach has a very secluded vibe, tucked well into the tall cliffs and rocks. The spots near the coves are popular with nudists. Continuing the tour through these beaches east of Ierapetra, the next up is Achlia.

Achlia Beach

This is a lovely, quiet and sheltered spot, that is popular for families with children where you can enjoy the calm crystal-clear blue-green waters and sandy coastline. All-around, the area is framed by lush greenery and trees but you will also find umbrellas for hire. All the other amenities, including sunbeds, and a food canteen are located nearby. You will also find opportunities for water sports, accommodation and excellent tavernas. The next beach to the east, a little before the area of Makrigialos, is that of Tis Grias To Pidima, which is not to be confused with the much more popular beach of the same name, located on the island of Andros. Further east, we come across the beach Mavros Kolymbos with its characteristic black rocks. This is an excellent spot for underwater exploration and snorkeling.