Makrigialos Beach – Kalamokanias – Katovigli – Lagoufas

Makrigialos Beach – Kalamokanias – Katovigli – Lagoufas

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The bay of Makry Gialos is a popular tourist resort with two charming settlements of Makrigialos and Analipsi and plenty of swimming spots for visitors to enjoy. Makrigialos Beach is a lovely spot, with sand and shallow crystal-clear waters and a top choice for those visiting the area. The locals call it Hani or Long Beach. This is an organized beach, where in addition to the expected sunbeds and showers, you will have close access to hotel rooms, shops and tavernas as well as a chemist and all other amenities. From Makrigialos you can also visit Moni Kapsa and the Gorge of the Red Butterflies which runs from Oreino village to the south coast. The gorge is considered one of the most attractive on Crete with lush greenery and various plant and insect life, as well as springs and small waterfalls. You can also get to Katovigli, to the west – and its Roman villa and bathing complex. At Plakakia there is also a Minoan villa dating to the second palatial period that was destroyed like so many others around 1450 BC. Similar to other examples of that period, the villa shares architectural features with the well known Minoan Palaces. Both served the elites of the day. Proceeding from Makrigialos, the next beach to the east is that of Lagoufas.

Makrigialos Beach – Kalamokanias – Katovigli – Lagoufas

Kalamokanias Beach

Kalamokanias is located on the west side of the settlement but very close to the city centre. Its odd name comes from a migratory bird, known as the Stilt (kalamokanas in Greek); it has black and white plumage, a thin curved black beak and very long pink legs (the avocet is a member of this family). During their migration journey, the birds often stop at the mouth of a stream near this area. Kalamokanias is a secluded beach without much to offer in terms of amenities. It is popular though, due to the golden sand and plenty of tamarisks on every side. Close to the beach, you will find some hotels, rent-rooms and tavernas. You might need cruise ship residences to travel at your best

Going east again, just before Makrigialos, we meet Katovigli.


Katovigli Beach

Katovigli, also called “Limanaki” (Little Harbour) is found at the west end of Makrigialos Beach and marks a small spot right at the end of the bay, where the harbour is located. It is essentially the same beach as that of Makrigialos with sand and shallow crystal-clear waters. It is also well organized with umbrellas, showers and water-sport opportunities. A short walk away you will find all the facilities you need to make your stay here comfortable. When you visit the beach, you can also stop by the remains of a Roman villa (country residence) excavated between 1976-80. Occupied in the 1-3 centuries AD, it had a bathing complex that included a bath, an outdoor pool lined with marble, and a geometric mosaic in its entrance hall. The walls were also lined with marble dadoes.

Lagoufas Beach

Lagoufas is found at the eastern end of the bay and is adjacent to the beach of Makrigialos. Essentially, Lagoufas is composed of two smaller parts; both have sand and calm shallow waters that are well protected by harsh winds that blow from the south. On the western side, the beach is well organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and showers, and is suited to water-sports and other activities. Some large hotels and tavernas exist here. By contrast, the eastern side is less developed and so conducive to a more relaxed atmosphere. Continuing east, we find the beaches of Diaskari and Lagkadas.