Ammoudares & Kalamaki Beach

Ammoudares & Kalamaki Beach

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Another two beautiful beaches found on the southern coast of Crete west of Ierapetra are Ammoudares and Kapelas. This is a long and vast stretch of coastline that opens up towards the Libyan Sea. On a good day, you may even be able to spot the island of Chrissi in the distance. If time allows, you can always hop on a ferry from Ierapetra and explore the turquoise colored beaches on offer. To reach the area from the north you will drive south from Agios Nikolaos and pass through the settlements of Potami, Gra Lygia and Stomio where you will find more swimming spots and a range of amenities, and local fresh fish tavernas. The drive from Ierapetra to the coastal village of Myrtos, where two Minoan sites have been discovered, is pleasant and offers a completely different view of Crete island.

Ammoudares & Kalamaki Beach


Taking its name from the village of Ammoudares, this is a large, but not well-developed strand with coarse sand and small pebbles. With no infrastructure at all, its tranquillity makes it a good choice for those wanting to relax and take it easy. The beach is mainly popular with locals and in recent years, the presence of greenhouses in the area has discouraged most people from swimming here.

Kalamaki (or Kapelas)

Kalamaki beach, also known as Kapelas, is the next beach to the east of Ammoudares. Equally quiet and secluded, it has sand and blue shallow waters, surrounded by tall cliffs. You will not find much in terms of organization or amenities here, which makes it an ideal spot for anyone seeking calm and relaxation. This means it often attracts a hippie crowd or those that enjoy freedom camping. However, it is also good for nudists as the beach is not visible from the beach. Kalamaki is on the main road towards Myrtos only 8 km away from Ierapetra. If you do decide to reach Myrtos, head north towards Sarakinas Gorge and the stunning forest of Selakano. The area is rich with monasteries, charming villages, and various hiking trails so nature lovers and culture enthusiasts will be equally amazed!