Lygaria Beach

Lygaria Beach

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The bay of Lygaria is home to the second largest organized beach in the Agia Pelagia district, and it takes about 25-30 minutes to get there from Heraklion. This long coarse sandy beach, located at the east end of the region (east of Agia Pelagia beach, the area’s main beach), is always quieter than its neighboring bays, particularly during the week.Except on weekends, as the locals from nearby Heraklion come, it is always a lot of fun, so it is worth getting there early to get a parking space close to the beach.

The beach has plenty of space between sunbeds and good swimming. There is also ample parking, public restrooms, and facilities for those with disabilities. During peak hours, a lifeguard is also on duty.

Lygaria Beach

Lygaria Bay gets its name from the native wicker tree “Lygaria” or “Ligia” that grows abundantly in the region. Lygaria is a stunningly beautiful location with picturesque views of hills and narrow green valleys. When you’ve had your fill of the sand, venture into the nearby hills to take in some of the breathtaking views of the turquoise waters below. A decent mix of hotels, apartments, and rooms to rent is available. Lygaria, in fact, has some of the best villas and houses for rent in the entire Agia Pelagia resort. There are many homes, houses, and hotels on the beach that provide the ideal beachfront spot.

There are also a few quaint cafes, excellent tavernas serving traditional Greek cuisine, souvenir shops, and one store selling new fruits and vegetables, wines and beers, ice creams, drinks, suncream, beach wear, and, of course, postcards and ceramics. A professional dive center also provides diving workshops and excursions. Because of the cover provided by the steep rock that surrounds the bay, the water at Lygaria beach is deep yet mostly calm, making it suitable for couples and families searching for a quiet and relaxing beach. When you reach the pool, there is rock shelving, so take caution and consider investing in a pair of swimming shoes.

Lygaria (also written “Ligaria“) was once used for anchoring ships, and you can still see little boats bob up and down on the water while you rest and relax. Lygaria Beach is about 420 meters long and is the second longest beach in the Agia Pelagia district. Perhaps you’ll find the monastery of Panagia Ligaria, 250 meters from the cliff’s edge, which is said to date back to 1610. The bay is also just a 20-minute walk from the busier Agia Pelagia seaside village and beach, which has more tavernas/restaurants, pubs, and cafes, so if you want a change of scenery one evening, take a leisurely stroll along the well-lit road.

Lygaria Bay is an ideal location for a relaxing vacation, particularly for families. It has excellent facilities, ample rooms, and breathtaking views. What more do you ask for?