Tour Safari to the Mountains of Crete

Tour Safari to the Mountains of Crete

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Get off the beaten track and discover a different side of Crete with a Jeep Safari. The stunning landscapes of Crete island are waiting for you, all you have to do is pick where to?

While there is no denying Crete has amazing beaches, the island is mostly mountainous and defined by the mountain ranges of Dikti (or Lassithiotika Ori), Psiloritis in central Crete and the White Mountains (or Lefka Ori).

There are various routes to pick for a Jeep Safari or 4×4 off-roading drive through the island. On the eastern side of Crete, you can explore the plateau of Lassithi and find out its connection to Greek mythology. The Dikteon Cave is one of the possible locations for the birthplace of Zeus. Nearby you will find the Lassinthos Eco Park, where you can admire and learn the secrets of traditional weaving techniques.

In the central part of Greece, explore the stunning palm tree forest of Preveli and swim in its crystal clear waters. The unique ecosystem of Preveli is an oasis of palm trees and turquoise waters with soft sand and lush vegetation. This is where the Kourtaliotis river meets the sea and you can hike across the river to find more swimming coves to explore. Access is challenging due to the long hike so make sure to bring appropriate footwear.

After an enjoyable swim, have a relaxing lunch in a local taverna and continue your tour, enjoying the landscape of Rethymno, the gorges and the views towards the sea.

For a tour closer to Chania, the White Mountains are surely calling out for you. Visit a 2,000-year-old plane-tree, traditional monasteries and secluded bays before climbing up the mountains. If you are lucky you may even get to see the kri-kri goats hanging out on the rocks. Here thousands of visitors venture every year to hike the gorge of Samaria and explore an area of immense natural beauty.


What you’ll do

  • Set out on an adventure towards the mountainous landscapes of Crete island
  • Explore plateaus, planes and villages that are hard to reach with conventional vehicles
  • Learn more about the mountain shelters used by shepherds
  • Taste local products and enjoy a full lunch with wine and refreshments