02 Polyrrinia – Sfinari

02 Polyrrinia – Sfinari

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E4 Trail - Polyrrinia - Sfinari

Polyrrinia was an ancient settlement in northwestern Crete and you will find the name spelled a variety of different ways, including Polirinia, Polyrrhenia and Polyrrhen, so don’t be confused. The meaning derives from the greek “poly” (meaning plenty) and “rinia” (sheep) as this was probably the main occupation of the people. Located only 7 km from Kissamos, all that remains of the city are a few ruins and you can also climb to the top of the acropolis and enjoy the view.

The E4 route that travels south towards Sfinari is short and pleasant. The village of Sfinari is located on the coast, with close access to a beach of the same name. It is a quiet and laid-back spot for families with young children and tourists that don’t want to share their beach space with too many others.

The E4 route from Polyrrinia to Sfinari

About 200m before Polyrrinia, on the right side of the asphalt-paved road, we follow the southern side path. When we reach the old Primary school, we take the right branch of a slightly downhill road that after 2km leads to the village of Galouva (1). Shortly after leaving the village, we reach a road turning left, which we ignore. We continue, passing by an old lime kiln located on the west bank of a small stream. Then, after crossing


Path Length 15.5 km
Hiking Duration 3 hour
When to hike Spring, Autumn
Path Region Chania