Archaeological Collection of Ierapetra

Archaeological Collection of Ierapetra

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The Archaeological Collection of Ierapetra has been operating in the city of Ierapetra since 1986, which includes finds not only from the city but also from the entire province and dates from the Minoan era to the Roman years. It is housed in an 1899 building in the city centre, known as the Commercial Ottoman School. 


The building is divided into two sections. The first is focused on ceramics from the Prehistoric to the Roman years, and the second includes the sculptures of Ierapetra mainly of the Roman period. Vases from the Minoan, Classical and Roman periods are also on display. The collection of shrines from the Minoan times is unique, and their intricate decorations show the special care given to the burial ceremonies of the dead. You should not overlook the collection of sculptures of Ierapetra and various geometric figures and pottery from the 9th and 8th century BC. Also exhibited, are what appear to be copies of works of the Classical period from sculpture workshops that took place during the Roman years. These copies give us important information about the lost works of art. Finally, inscriptions of the 2nd century AD are exhibited. which reveal the relationship of Ierapetra with Gortyna. The settlement of Ancient Gortyn on the plain of Mesara is known for its Gortyn Law, that granted women some rights in case of divorce and flourished between the Minoan and Hellenistic periods. Gortyna was the site, according to Greek mythology, where Zeus abducted the princess Europa disguised as a bull. 


Unfortunately, many of the finds that would have belonged to the museum were stolen by art collectors and are now in museums abroad. In addition, many were destroyed during the Occupation. The city of Ierapetra is built on the site of the ancient city of Ierapytna which flourished during the Archaic and Roman times. Its older names include Kyrva, Kamiros and Pytna. 



Platia Ethnikis Antistaseos, Dimokratias 


Opening Hours: 

Tuesday – Sunday 8 AM-3 PM 

Monday – closed 


Phone: 2842 028721

Entrance Fee (€): Ticket 2€, Reduced 1€


*Opening hours and information are subject to change without notice.