Kastri Beach

Kastri Beach

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The beach of Kastri is right next door to the organized seaside settlement of Keratokampos. Here there is a small harbour, that is primarily used by local fishermen. If you have a boat, this is a great area to explore and you can enjoy the beautiful coastline of the Viannos region. The beach is to the west of the village, between the harbour and the beach of Skouros; it has sand, pebbles and very clear, shallow waters. It is not organized, but close by in the village you will find rent-rooms and several tavernas to pick from as well as shops to make your stay more comfortable. This is a very laid back and charming village, where you can stay and enjoy the sea and the fine food.  West of Kastri is Skouros, yet another wonderful beach for visitors. It is bigger, with sand, pebbles and clear water. There is a rock, called Skouros (meaning dark), to the west that has given the beach its name. Just like Kastri, Skouros has a few tamarisk trees that offer shade, but in general it is pretty isolated. You will often find campers setting up their tent here for the day.


Moving west you come across more beautiful beaches like Larinaki and Listis. Just like a lot of other beaches in the area, the secluded nature of the southern coast is perfect for nudists. The beach of Listis (meaning Robber) is due to a cave that locals say was used as a refuge for a known local thief. Listis does not offer any amenities and is not organized. There are no taverns nearby or accomodation options for visitors wishing to stay in the area. If you do not care for unsupervised camping, then you must make your way to the villages of Tsoutsouras and Keratokampos, where you will find plenty of options. The road east of Kastri, is characterized by small coastal settlements, windy roads, and secluded beaches. The gorge of Arvi, is one of the most spectacular and beautiful gorges to discover near the Monastery of Agios Antonios that is worth visiting. Other beaches on the east coast are Armenopetra and Monompouka. The distance from Heraklion is about 62 km.