43 Ano Varsamonero – Armeni

43 Ano Varsamonero – Armeni

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Ano Varsamonero – Armeni

This is a short trail that starts at the village of Ano Valsamonero and travels east towards Armeni. Only 14 km away from Rethymno and 23 km from the popular fishing village of Georgioupoli, Ano Valsamonero, is nestled between small traditional villages and is a popular ecotourism destination for visitors looking to get away and relax in nature. The path also takes you through the Minoan Cemetery outside of Armeni. Access to the location is signposted and is open to visitors. The archaeological significance of the area is still being researched while of notable interest is the large size of the cemetery.

The E4 route from Ano Valsamonero to Armeni

We pass through Ano Valsamonero (1) and follow a southerly direction for 500 m, until the village of Monopari (2). From the village square, we follow a dirt road in an easterly direction for approximately 600 m, and then take the northern branch of the road, ignoring any secondary ones. After about 900 m of walking, we come to a group of houses (3).

This section of the route passes through a landscape with picturesque views. On one side you will find the highest peak of Psiloritis towards the east, while on the other the outline of Lefka Ori towards the west. After 400 m we reach an asphalt road (4). We follow the right-hand (eastern) branch for approximately 1 km, until the village of Kastellos (5). Traditional stone houses offer some excellent accommodation options here for visitors wishing to spend the night.

From Kastellos, we follow the asphalt road east of the village, for about 800 m, and then turn left to a dirt road (6), which passes through an oak forested area in a northerly direction, for approximately 900 m. We then come to an olive grove, on the right-hand side of the road. At the end of the olive grove, we turn right (7) in a south-easterly direction, and after about 200 m we arrive at the entrance of the archaeological site of the Armeni (8) Late Minoan cemetery. The site is usually closed on Mondays so it is best to check ahead of time.

From this point, we can continue following the asphalt road until the village of Armeni, which lies 1,5 km to the south.


Path Length 6.5 km
Hiking Duration 2 hour
When to hike Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter
Path Region Rethymno