27 Rodakino – Alones

27 Rodakino – Alones

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Rodakino – Alones

The villages of Ano and Kato (Upper and Lower) Rodakino in Crete, are located 42 km from Rethymno on the southern coast and only 27 km from Hora Sfakion. The villages are framed by the mountainous backdrop of the peak of Krioneritis mountain to the north and the vast and long beach of Korakas. However, due to the remote nature of the area, the area does not see a lot of visitors. The E4 trail starts at Kato Rodakino and travels north towards the village of Alones. The canyon of Rodakino to the north of the villages is popular with canyoners and is only accessible with proper equipment.

The E4 route from Rodakino to Alones

At the entrance (1) of the village Kato Rodakino, 150 m from the stone bridge, an uphill road with a northerly direction begins, which bypasses the settlement. After 550 m, we follow a left uphill turn. Then, after another 150 m, we take a right turn, continue straight, and in the next 350 m, we come across a chapel (2).

We continue for another 300 m and then reach the main dirt road (3), which we take northwards. We follow it along the uphill ridge which ends at the foot of the peak of Krioneritis. Alternatively, we can shorten the route, following the sections of the old path that the dirt road meets along the way. After 3,5 km on the unsurfaced road, at an altitude of about 900 m, we come to a left turn (4), after which the dirt road continues almost straight towards the west. Exactly at this point, one can see a landscape full of fallen boulders that stand between the road and the cut of the southern slope of Krioneritis. On the right side of the road, we distinguish the number 98 written on a rock.

From this point (5) we begin to continuously ascend up the steep slope, following the black and yellow marks on the rocks, as well as the E4 signs. After about 40 minutes of climbing, we reach the area named Mouzouria (6), where there is a mark pointing towards the left, to the top of Krioneritis. We arrive there after 30 minutes of ascent.

At approximately the middle part of the trail, we pass by the chapel of Agio Pnevma (7), beneath which there is a water spring with cold water. The mountain owes its name to this spring. (krio nero = cold water). From the 1.310 m high summit the view is panoramic: northwards, in the distance, the Cretan Sea, and southwards, the Libyan Sea, can be seen. To the west, the eastern summits of Lefka Ori, and to the east, in the distance, Mount Psiloritis can be distinguished.

From the top of Krioneritis (8), we return to Mouzouria (6). From here, we follow the short mountain line eastwards for a while, and approximately 10 minutes after, we turn left towards the north, descending to a small hollow, which we follow until its end, in a north-easterly direction.

We then turn northwards again and, having passed over a distinctive white rock, we walk towards a ravine where plane trees grow. We step onto the eastern bank of the stream, follow it, and cross a dirt road, still descending along the eastern bank. We then go across to the western bank, pass by a water tank on our left-hand side, and arrive at the Alones village (9). The hike from Mouzouria to the old Primary School of Alones takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, in total.


Path Length 10 km
Hiking Duration 5.5 hour
When to hike Spring, Autumn, Summer
Path Region Rethymno