26 Patsianos – Fragkokastelo – Kato Rodakino

26 Patsianos – Fragkokastelo – Kato Rodakino

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Patsianos - Fragkokastelo - Kato Rodakino

Patsianos is a traditional village on the southern side of Crete island, only 3 km away from the coastal town of Frangokastello in the region of Sfakia. According to some accounts, the name of the village comes from the Italian word for “peace”. The route follows the southern route towards the coast, before following on to the villages of Ano and Kato (Upper and Lower) Rodakino. Here the beautiful beach of Korakas on the south and the high mountain peaks of Kryoneritis on the other, frame the scenery. Despite the stunning waters and beautiful landscape on offer, this part of the island has not developed as rapidly due to difficult access. As a result, visitors will find a quiet and relaxing spot to hike, eat, swim and explore. From Kato Rodakino, you can follow the next part of the E4 trail, that goes north towards Alones.

The E4 route from Patsianos to Kato Rodakino

From Patsianos and Kapsodasos (1), we follow the main road towards the east. Approximately 950 m after the exit of Kapsodasos, we come to a right-hand turn (2) of the main road which passes through the plain in a southerly direction. After 2,1 km it ends exactly in front of the fortress of Frangokastello (3). We then follow the asphalt road eastwards for 4,5 km and arrive at the village Skaloti (4).

From Skaloti, we continue following the paved road eastwards and in 2 km we reach the small village of Argoules (5). After 7,5 km on the main road, we arrive at Kato Rodakino (6). We get there after having previously crossed the stone bridge over the impressive narrow passage which separates Ano Rodakino from Kato Rodakino. The route from Frangokastello to Rodakino leads us through the hills between the eastern part of Lefka Ori and the sea, which we can see low to the south, for the best part of our hike.

The landscape is dry and infertile at places, yet elsewhere olive groves prevail. The olive oil industry is the primary agricultural occupation in the region. From Kato Rodakino we can visit the beautiful beach of Korakas, which is located on the outlet of the small valley, 2,5 km south of the village.


Path Length 17 km
Hiking Duration 4.5 hour
When to hike Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter
Path Region Chania