19 Omalos – Kallergis Mountain Shelter

19 Omalos – Kallergis Mountain Shelter

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Omalos – Kallergis Mountain Shelter

Omalos is a small plateau and village, in the regional unit of Chania in Crete island. It is located 35 km from Chania to the north and is surrounded by the peaks of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains).

The area is mostly known to nature and hiking lovers as the starting point for the 18km long Samaria gorge hike. There are frequent bus routes towards nearby Xyloskalo (5 km distance) which is where the information centre and Museum of Faraggi Samarias are located.

The hike towards the Kallergis mountain shelter is relatively short and is a great opportunity for those with less experience to stay in the mountains overnight. From Kallergis, the path continues towards Katsiveli at an altitude of 1970 m. Here you can also overnight at the Christos Chouliopoulous Mountain Shelter. Bookings need to be arranged beforehand.

For an intense multi-day hike, you can continue to the summit and the highest peak of the White Mountains, (Pakhnes: 2453 m) and then descend on the other side of the mountain slope through the plateau of Niatos.

This is an area of western Crete that is dominated by the imposing presence of the White Mountains range. The numerous plateaus, wild gorges and ravines of exceptional beauty, make this one of the most diverse and beautiful spots to explore on the island. Don’t miss out!

The E4 route from Omalos to Kallergis Mountain Shelter

About 1,5 km before arriving at Xyloskalo (1), a dirt road begins, which after 5 km leads to the summit where the Kallergis mountain shelter (2), of the Mountaineering Club of Chania, is located.

There is also another route, that begins directly from Xyloskalo. The path begins at the end of the paved road and follows a north-easterly direction, climbing on the slope parallel to the boundaries of the National Park of Samaria. After approximately 30 minutes, the path crosses a dirt road, and we continue onwards. The hike from Xyloskalo to the shelter takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The shelter is at an altitude of 1680 m and can accommodate up to 50 visitors.


Path Length 5 km
Hiking Duration 1.5 hour
When to hike Spring, Autumn, Summer
Path Region Chania