14 Loutro – Chora Sfakion

14 Loutro – Chora Sfakion

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Loutro - Chora Sfakion E4 walking trail

Loutro, meaning bath, is a small harbor village on the southern coast of Crete island. Well-protected and with turquoise waters, Loutro can only be accessed by boat or foot. While a remote and not easily accessible destination, Loutro attracts a wide range of people, from nature enthusiasts, that seek to spend a few days here after a hike, as well as yachters and laid back travelers looking for an intimate destination away from the cities. Hiking the E4 trail eastwards, from Loutro to Chora Sfakion, means you will need to get the boat (or two) from Agia Roumeli Paleochora, or Sougia. Alternatively, you can also drive to Anopolis, an ancient village to the north, which is 80 km from Chania, and then hike down to Loutro from there. On the way to Chora Sfakion, you will pass by Glyka Nera beach, situated at the foot of a high cliff, with cold crystal clear waters.

The E4 route from Loutro to Chora Sfakion

We leave Loutro (1), climbing up to the old abandoned houses on the east side of the settlement. The distinct path passes by a memorial and goes along the slope, with the sea down below. This is also where the path that ascends towards Anopoli begins. After walking on the slope for about 1,8 km, we come to a small cove (2). We start to descend towards the beach and immediately after we climb towards the ridge of the small cape Pounta (3). A picturesque chapel is located here. After the hill of Pounta, we descend to Glyka Nera beach (4), the name of which derives from the fresh waters that spring from the seabed (in Greek: γλυκάνεράglyka nera = freshwaters). A great spot for a swim and some food or a refreshing beverage.

We say goodbye to the beach and keep walking along the rocky coast for about 600 m. Soon we come to a difficult rocky section of the steep slope. Immediately after, we cross the dry bed of a small stream and go uphill for 250 m; then, we reach the asphalt road (5), which we follow eastwards. After 1,9 km on the asphalt road, we reach Chora Sfakion (6).


Path Length 6 km
Hiking Duration 2 hour
When to hike Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter
Path Region Chania