Keramos Pottery Workshop – Fodele

Keramos Pottery Workshop – Fodele

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The pottery workshop “Keramos” is located in the village of Fodele, a place with characteristic natural beauty but also a special historical and artistic charge since, among other things, it is the special homeland of Dominikos Theotokopoulos.

Known as “El Greco“, Dominikos Theotokopoulos was a Greek painter that has achieved worldwide fame for his art, like “The Disrobing of Christ“, “View of Toledo” and “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz“. At the time, Crete was known as the Kingdom of Candia and was under Venetian Occupation.

The workshop has been operating for the last twenty years, in a traditional space with the typical Cretan architectural style, specially designed for its purposes. Here, the family tradition of four generations in ceramics is celebrated and passed on to those wishing to learn more about ceramic art or simply acquire a piece for their own. Guided by creativity, faith in tradition, innovation and respect for man, the owners of Keramos are active in both the production of ceramics and education. It is a great experience for young and old alike and a chance to learn more about traditional techniques.

Keramos Pottery Workshop

In the village, visitors will also be able to visit the Museum of El Greco that first opened in 1998 and houses replicas of his work. The house is one of the possible locations where his family lived and grew up in and is located right next to a beautiful Byzantine church dedicated to Holy Mary. This church is said to have inspired his fascination with iconography. A small waterfall named “Skotini” (meaning dark) is located nearby with easy access and a short paved path. It reaches a height of 15 meters and is particularly beautiful after a period of heavy rains. Fodele is located between Heraklion and Rethymno and there are plenty of beaches nearby to relax after a day of sightseeing. The village is a green oasis full of trees and the residents are mainly occupied in agriculture and livestock farming. The citrus fruits of Fodele are particularly well known for their sweetness and there is even an annual “Orange Festival” that takes place usually in mid-March.