Episkopi Beach Rethymno

Episkopi Beach Rethymno

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Located 14 km west of Rethymno and named after the village close by, Episkopi is a long sandy beach with shallow waters that is open to the northerly winds. On stormy days, the beach is characterized by big waves ideal for water sports. Along the beach, there are organized sections with umbrellas, sun-beds and a lifeguard station. But you will also find quiet spots, for those who simply want to spread their towel on the sand and relax under the Cretan sun. This part of the northern coast, between Georgioupoli and Rethymno, has seen significant developments in recent years. At night, the beachfront transforms with lively music and beach bars that are perfect for a younger crowd. Due to its location parallel to the main road, it is easy to access, either by car or frequent bus services. In the village, there are several restaurants, cafes and bars where visitors can sit to enjoy a coffee or lunch overlooking the sea.


The area is popular for families with children and is an ideal base for quiet family holidays in Crete, next to various attractions. Only 8 km south of the beach, we find the village of Argiroupouli, famous for its springs and lush vegetation. This was the site of an ancient city, called Lappa, and the village is a traditional settlement with its ancient past evident in every corner. The traditional meat taverns of Argiroupoli are not to be missed as is a walk around the village. In Apokoronas one can also visit the only natural lake of Crete, the lake of Kournas, as well as the touristic coastal settlement of Georgioupoli and ancient Aptera, one of the most important city-states of western Crete. Driving west, we come across Petres Beach, where the river Mouselas meets the sea and forms part of the gorge of Petres. The trail is less than one kilometre long and is a relatively easy and gentle route. After Petres, near the beach of Vythos, we find Paradise Dive Center, which can organize your scuba diving and snorkelling excursions in the nearby area. The beach of Episkopi is still under the radar of most visitors to the island.