Tertsa Beach

Tertsa Beach

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On the southern coast of Crete island, in the prefecture of Heraklion, we find two small but charming beaches that are unknown to most visitors. To the north, the magnificent forest of Selakano welcomes those that chose to drive through the picturesque setting. Here you will find small villages, away from the crowds where you can relax and enjoy quiet holidays.

To reach the area from Heraklion, you will travel south for about 78 km which takes approximately 1 hour and a half. If time allows, make sure to stop by the charming village of Ano Viannos where you can also visit the Historical Folklore Museum of the village. The view going down is wonderful and once again we cross beautiful villages that retain their traditional character, such as Chondros.

Tertsa Beach


Tertsa is a picturesque village with a beautiful, long beach. It has coarse sand and blue waters, as well as enough tamarisks, to cast their shade over the visitors that chose to rest here. This charming village is located right on the beach and is mainly popular with the locals. The village hasn’t witnessed massive growth in the area of tourism and retains its Cretan authentic charm and beauty. Only a couple of tavernas can be found in the area but that should be enough for visitors looking for fresh fish or a local meal. In between Vourdolakos and Tertsa, we find the beach of Psaroharako. It is equally popular with locals and secluded enough for those seeking a nudist-friendly spot. A taverna is also located nearby. For adventure-seekers and lovers of the ‘natural-life’, this is one of the best areas to visit.



West of Vourdolakos we find the beach of Vourdolakos. This is an attractive and long beach, situated in an area called Chlia. Unknown to most, the beach has coarse sand and clear deep waters. It is not organized, and so there are no amenities or umbrellas and sunbeds, or tavernas near the beach, meaning you will have to bring everything you need with you. That, however, makes it a perfect spot for peace and relaxation, and wonderful for those keen on underwater exploration and preferred by nudists.