Anydri & Gialiskari Beach

Anydri & Gialiskari Beach

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On the southern coast of Crete between Palaiochora and Sougia, we find the stunning beaches of Anydri and Gialiskari. Starting in Palaiochora, we drive east towards the Gulf of Selino until we pass Camping Paleochora. After about 4 km, we spot the two sandy stretches of land.

Anydri & Gialiskari Beach

Anydri beach

Just like most beaches on the southern coast of Crete, in the region of Chania, Anydri is secluded and reaching it will take some planning and a bit of patience. It is a gorgeous sandy beach and attracts a nudist-friendly crowd in certain parts. The beach takes its name from the gorge of Anydri located nearby, which begins 3 or so km inland near the village of Anydroi (which translates to “waterless place”). It is quite a long beach with thick sand and gorgeous turquoise waters. The scenery, especially to the east end, is characterized by large rocks that stick up from the shore. There are no amenities, shops or canteens nearby, and minimal natural shade under the trees. Come prepared with water and food.

Gialiskari beach

Gialiskari is the continuation of Anydri beach and is broken into two parts, separated by a narrow spit of land. It is often referred to as Gyaniskari or Dyaliskari as well. A charming and idyllic location, with small pebbles on the west side and soft pale sand on the east. The water here is clear and deep and the area is slightly more developed than nearby Anydri. A small café-canteen operates during the summer months and a few umbrellas and sun-beds are available to visitors. Tamarisks grow on the east side and offer natural shade and relief from the hot sun. Here as well, nudism is allowed, mostly on the eastern side.

It takes about an hour to reach Sougia from Gialiskari beach and only fifteen minutes from Palaiochora. Hiking, diving and all kinds of nature activities are popular with visitors here, as is leisurely enjoying the scenery and solitude away from the crowds. Paleochora is an ideal base for your excursions to southwestern Crete or a place to simply relax and enjoy the holidays.