Plan your Holidays at Crete

Our tailor made packages offers you the chance to meet authentic Crete and travel around and through the island off the beaten paths
Meet the authentic Crete!

Our desire is that you will be able to see Crete's authentic and hidden beauties! We recommend attractions, activities and services that we have already visited and adore!!

Explore the Island of Crete

Roads and routes at the best and most worthwhile locations, with suggestions for hiking, cultural high-spots, food and wine tasting tours and other such.

What to Do in Crete!

What to do in Crete. Activities and Seminars in Crete. What to do in Crete, from hiking and wine tasting to biking and scuba diving in Crete

Crete, a paradise for nature lovers, those seeking adventure and memorable experiences. Spice up your activities in the Great Outdoors with feasting the Inner Man!

The Beaches of Crete!

Crete has beaches for every taste: beaches with endless stretches of sand, beaches made up only of pebbles; some organized and cosmopolitan in tone, others yet deserted and pristine

Crete has over 1000 kilometers of coastline... Beaches with endless stretches of sand, beaches made up only of pebbles; some cosmopolitan in tone, others yet deserted and pristine!

The E4 European Walking Trail

The Ε4 European Walking Trail in Crete. Hiking and trekking in Crete

Another way to experience the island of Crete is to walk it – by way of the E4 European Walking Trail, traversing virgin terrain and rare ecosystems! 91 hiking routes – Total length of 560 km!

Where to Stay in Crete!

Accommodation, hotels, room rentals, villas, apartments and guesthouses in Crete. Where to stay during your holidays in Crete

Villas, hotels, rooms, camping: accommodation options in Crete are countless – in town, at the sea-side or up a mountain. Choose the best accommodation for your stay.

Discover Crete with a Car

Discover and explore Crete by renting a car in affordable prices
Book your car now!

Car Rental Services all over Crete! Discover Crete with safety and style.
Rent a Car with an all incusive package


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