Krios Beach and Lake Krios

Krios Beach and Lake Krios

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Cape Krios is located on the southwestern tip of Crete island west of Paleochora.

Krios Beach

This is a beautiful beach, relatively undeveloped and unknown to visitors in the area. It is a place suited to rest and solitude, with crystal clear waters and small pebbles. The beach stretches on for quite a long way which is why it is often thought of as three distinct beaches. On the west part of the main beach, we find an idyllic and secluded cove where nudity is permitted. The infrastructure is limited to a single café-canteen, and a small section of the beach is also set up with umbrellas. People often camp here, but rooms are also available closer to the village as well as other touristy amenities. West of the beach, close to the tip of the cape is an unknown and particularly beautiful beach – known as Lake Krios or Viena.

Krios Beach and Lake Krios

Lake Krios (Viena) Beach

Viena beach is situated within a rugged, quiet sheltered bay of some size so that it almost resembles a sea-lagoon hence why it is referred to as a ‘Lake‘. The shore, best described as rocky, is dotted with small sandy areas. Behind the thick vegetation that provides natural shade during the hot summer months, you can settle down for the day and get ready to relax. In this spot, once stood the ancient city of Vienna and on the shore stood a temple or shrine, whose rectangular base can be discerned even today.


The beach and the impressive sea-floor are strewn with shells, and the columns of the old temple can be spotted in several areas. The best part, however, lies on the sea-bed: ancient tombs – visible with the naked eye, but best explored with the help of a mask. Right alongside the beach runs the European E4 Walking Trail; to the west, it follows the coast to Kedrodasos and then Elafonisi, and to the east to Paleochora. There is also a path that joins the main Krios beach with that at Lake Krios; in total it is a 20-30 minutes walk. However, you can always take the dirt road that climbs up from the main beach, starting before the canteen, and will take you to Lake Krios Beach. Try to keep straight on to the left along this road past a small church until you come to its end, and from there a small, but short track will lead you to a wooded area.