Scuba Diving in Crete Tour

Scuba Diving in Crete Tour

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Scuba diving in Crete is a very popular activity and with good reason. With countless bays, protected coves, rich marine life, rocky reefs, and famous wrecks, Crete has attracted attention from scuba enthusiasts in recent years. Depending on the package or tour you book, you will visit famous beaches and discover their crystal-clear waters or remote locations you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

The most popular scuba diving spots on the island are in Schinaria, Elephant’s Cave in Akrotiri, and the Walls of Geo off the coast of Georgioupoli.

Scuba Diving in Crete Tour

What You’ll Do

Depending on your experience and previous qualifications, prepare to learn the basics for scuba diving rules or jump straight into a more advanced dive. Scuba diving is all about having fun, safely, and experiencing the magic of the water. Whether you are after an introductory dive, or an advanced course to become a certified diver, you will find options to cover all your needs.

What to Expect

If you have never tried scuba diving before, then you will start with a basic program spaced out between a few days or do a more shallow dive that doesn’t require extensive qualifications. These programs will not provide you with a certification but you will learn about the theory and be able to practice what you have learnt straight away in a controlled environment. Your PADI instructor will talk to you about the rules and the risks of scuba diving activity. Then, you are going to see how the equipment works through a demonstration and get to practice some skills in the shallow water.

Afterwards, it is time to have fun around the dive site. For beginners without a qualification expect to be allowed to a maximum depth of 6 meters.

For qualified divers, there are countless more options, including night dives, where you can observe the best locations for marine life in Crete after the sun has set and the waters are covered by darkness. Most introductory dives last an average of 2 hours, that includes the theory and practice and a 45 min into dive. Beginner packages will include full scuba gear.