Agiofarango is the most impressive reasonably manageable gorge of the Asterousia. It is approximately 1,5 kilometre long and it ends up at a magnificent beach

Agiofarago (or Agiofarango meaning the Saints' Gorge) is probably the most impressive reasonably manageable gorge of the Asterousia. It is approximately 1,5 kilometre long and it ends up at a magnificent beach.

Imposing, steep cliffs rise up on both sides of the gorge, for the greatest part of its course. These cliffs are riddled with numerous caves, used as dwellings by hermits for many centuries. A little before reaching the sea one can visit a chapel of Agios Antonios, which is dated to the 13th century.

Agiofarango was the first centre of ascetic life of the region, and of the whole of Crete, since the early years of Christianity.  

Today, its steep slopes are an ideal training field for rock climbing.

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Additional Info

  • region South of Odigetria Monastery, Phaistos, Heraklio
  • activities Hiking, Climbing
  • suggested period

    All year round

  • path description
  • path length

    about 1,5 km

  • difficulty level

    Very easy trail, altitude difference 100 m

  • relevant routes

    Route at Asterousia

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