Wineries in Chania

The most important wine-producing areas of the prefecture of Chania are located in the northwestern part. The “Wine Road” traverses areas of Kissamos, Kolymbari, Mousouroi and Voukolies, passing through beautiful landscapes and historic sites.

Wine-lovers have a good opportunity to get to know the modern products of wineries in the Chania area at the Cretan Wine Festival held each year, usually in spring.

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Karavitakis vineyards
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The “Vineyards Karavitakis” winery is located at the village of Pontikiana in the Kolymbari area of the Chania Prefecture. It is a modern winery built in stone and wood, featuring all contemporary winemaking and bottling facilities. 

  • area Pontikiana (Kolympari), 73100
  • type Winery
  • contact +30 28240 23381
Manousakis Winery
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In the foothills of the White Mountains, on the road to the Omalos Plateau, you can find the Manousakis vineyards at an altitude of 320-380 m and again a little higher at 550-600 m. They cultivate several varieties of grapes such as the red Syrah, GrenacheMourvedre and white Roussane. They also experiment with local varieties such as Vidiano, which they have been growing since 2010.

  • area Vatolakkos, 73014
  • type Winery
  • contact +30 28210 78877
Anoskeli Winery
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This family business operates in the small village of Anoskeli in Kissamos, where the Mamidakis family dwell. They started out by producing and distributing olive oil before they expanded their vineyards. 

  • area Anoskeli, 73002
  • type Winery
  • contact +30 28240 83127
Ktima Loupaki
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This is a relatively new winery which began in 2004, although there was prior family experience in the wine trade. The Loupaki winery produces Cretan grape varieties such as Vilana and French varieties such as Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines from these have been nominated in many international competitions. 

  • area Gra Lygia, Karres
  • type Winery
  • contact 6945266287
Dourakis Winery
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This winery is built in the east foothills of the White Mountains, in a fertile region known for its agricultural production of old, as the stone threshing floor and an ancient wine-press suggest. Their modern facilities of stone and wood are designed with respectful deference to Cretan architectural tradition. 

  • area Alikampos, 73007
  • type Winery
  • contact +30 2825051761
Pneumatikaki Winery
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Set in the Kissamos region with its long tradition in wine making, this is a family business with lengthy experience. They have invested in modern facilities that are open to visitors, as are the cellars and the vineyards. 

  • area Drapanias, 73400
  • type Winery
  • contact +30 2822031740

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