Where to Stay in Crete!

Accommodation, hotels, room rentals, villas, apartments and guesthouses in Crete. Where to stay during your holidays in Crete

Villas, hotels, rooms, camping: accommodation options in Crete are countless – in town, at the sea-side or up a mountain. Choose the best accommodation for your stay.

What to Do in Crete!

Activities, recreation, seminars and adventure on the island of Crete. What to do in Crete on your holidays

Crete is a paradise for nature lovers, those seeking adventure and memorable experiences! Spice up your activities in Crete!

Wineries in Crete

Tour the vineyards and cellars of wineries in Crete and meet the traditional Cretan varieties of grapes and wines

You can tour the vineyards, the cellars and taste Cretan wines accompanied with appetizers from the famous Cretan cuisine, by visiting the Cretan Wineries!

Where to Eat in Crete!

In the restaurants and traditional tavernas of the towns and villages of Crete, you'll always find all the genuine flavours of the Cretan cuisine with its insistence on using local products.

Experiences in Crete


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