Plateaus of Crete - Rethymno

Here, at the centre of the Psiloritis massif, is the Nida plateau – connected with ancient myth and today an important livestock centre.


Nida Plateau lies at the heart of the Psiloritis or Ida range. Its name comes from a contraction of the words στην Ιδα(stin Ida .. to Ida). In shape it is roughly triangular, with its shortest side at the south, the so-called Passage of Milias, through which the southern foothills towards the Mesara can be accessed. East of the plain is the peak of Skinakas: here at a height of 1750 m is the only Astronomical Observatory on Crete.

  • region Psiloritis, Anogia, Rethymno
  • altitude 1340 m

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