Plateaus of Crete - Chania

Amongst these are some with the greatest history attached, once playing a role in the revolutions against the Turks. Apart from such historical wealth, they offer spectacular scenery and many chances for outdoor activities.


Omalos Plateau at White Mountains range is one of the great plateaux of Crete. An irregular circle, a polje (a large, flat plain found in limestone karst regions), of some 6 sq km, it is surrounded by peaks – Koukoule (1640 m) to the east, Gigilos (2005 m), Volakia (2117 m), and Psilafi (1936 m) to the south, with Trouli (1455 m) west and Katrinari (1318 m) to the north. The north region, called Lakkiotikos Gyros, is part of Lakkoi, whilst to the south the Seliniotikos Gyros goes with Aghia Irini.

  • region White Mountains range, Sfakia, Chania
  • altitude 1070 m

Askifou Plateau is located in the west part of the White Mountains – on the road from Sfakia towards Apokoronas and Chania. It resembles a cup, and is surrounded by the peaks of Kastro (2218 m) at the west, Trypali (1493 m) at the east and Angathes (1511 m) at the south. Around the edges of the plain are the villages of Ammoudari, Kares, Kosto, Petres, Mesa and Exo Goni and Stavorachi. 

  • region White Mountains range, Sfakia, Chania
  • altitude 726 m

Plateau of Anopolis is just 13 km from Chora Sfakion. A winding road climbs the bare mountains, offering extensive views out to Gavdos: it ends in a pine-covered plain. 

  • region White Mountains range, Lasithi Plateau, Lasithi
  • altitude 620 m

Kallikratis is a small plateau (named by the village located there) in the White Mountains in Sfakia province, at an elevation of some 540 m. 

  • region White Mountain range (Kallikratis), Sfakia, Chania
  • altitude 720 m

Niatos is a small plateau, at some 1,200 m: a polje, like all such in Crete. With neither inhabitants nor agriculture, the plain was only ever used for grazing and fodder. 

  • region White Mountain range (Askifou), Sfakia, Chania
  • altitude 1200 m

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