Traditional Festivals & Fairs

Every summer the traditional festivals and fairs act as real attractions in Cretan villages for natives and foreigners alike.

Cultural events in Crete. Traditional Festivals & Fairs

In particular, they provide occasions for social gatherings and the maintenance of old customs and ways. The festivals are usually connected to a religious occasion, taking place in the village square where there is dancing to the strains of the lyra and the lute – of course with lashings of local foods and wines aplenty.

The highlights of these summer festivals are probably those associated with the Assumption (15th August... a National Holiday), celebrated just about everywhere.

Sometimes these traditional festivals are organized around a local product... focused on the same. Thus we have the Potato festival (Tzermiado on the Lasithi plateau), of Wine (Dafni, Herakleion Prefecture), of Pottery (Thrapsano, Herakleion), of Citrus Fruits (Garazo, Mylopotamos), of Shepherds and their Cheeses (Zoniana, Mylopotamos) and so on … The local product has a field day in all sorts of ways – and be assured there will be fun, music and dancing!

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