Toplou Monastery Museum

Toplou Monastery is a historical monastic centre which played a significant role in all struggles of the Cretans for freedom. In the museum, as well as in the museum shop and the church of the monastery, one can admire a part of the treasures that have been preserved by the monks during the centuries-old existence of Toplou.

Some of the icons of the collection, such as Christ Pantocrator”, by the important 15th century painter Andreas Ritzos, are truly exquisite. The portable icons “Megas ei Kyrie” and a depiction of Saint Anastasia by Ioannis Kornaros, are also thought to be of particular artistic value and inspiration. In addition to the significant icon collection, one can also see priestly vestments embroidered with golden thread, liturgical vessels, carved wooden crosses, lead seals, Gospels, other rare books, as well as historical relics from the revolts and other struggles in which the monastery took part (1821, 1866, World War II). 

An inscription of the 2nd century BC, known as the “Arbitration of the Magnetians”, which was unearthed in the nearby archaeological site of Itanos, can be seen incorporated into the outer wall of the church of the monastery. A collection of Greek religious folk etchings, known as “paper images”, is to be found at the monastery.

The collection also includes wood engravings, lithographic prints and copperplate engravings, which used to be printed on manual printing presses in the major religious centres, and were handed to the faithful as a blessing.

Thus, the history of the monastery and the role that the Church played during the major historical events are revealed to the visitor, by way of the exhibits.

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Additional Info

  • location Palaíkastron, 72300, Sitia, Lasithi
  • museum type Ecclesiastical
  • exhibits Icons, Vestments, Objects, Manuscripts, Books
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Daily: 9:00-13:00 & 14:00-18:00

Tel.: +30 28430 61226

Price Ticket(€): 2,5€

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