Monastery of Saint Anthony at Arvi

It is believed that the monastery was founded circa 1880 by a monk called Artemios.

History has it that Artemios initially chose the outlet of the Arvi gorge to build the monastery, a place which possibly matched the location of a former sanctuary of the Zeus of Arvi.

Later, however, another site had to be selected on the eastern foothills, because the valley area in front of the gorge was marshy and unhealthy, as river waters gathered and lay stagnant there, where the first monks’ cells were built.

Themonasteryknew times of great prosperity in the past, and according to testimonies of local people, it was one of the most famous monasteries of the region.

Today it is deserted and only some ruined buildings can be seen.

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Additional Info

  • location Arvi, Viannos, Heraklio
  • type Abandoned Monastery
  • time period Turkish Occupation
  • site condition/facilities Open-Well preserved
  • relevant routes & paths


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