Saint Paul’s chapel

The Byzantine chapel of Saint Paul (Agios Pavlos) is located east of Agia Roumeli, within a walking distance of approximately 30 minutes, along the E4 path. It was built in the 11th century AD next to the sea, on a site where, according to tradition, the Apostle Paul came ashore during his voyage to Rome.

The chapel has acruciform plan and adome. It was decorated with frescoes which, unfortunately, are not well preserved. 

One can reach the chapel either on foot, from Agia Roumeli or by boat from the same place.

It is believed that the chapel was founded by the Cretan minor saint Osios Ioannis Xenos, who lived in Crete in the Second Byzantine period, after the island was freed from the Arab dominion. He established numerous churches and monasteries, and reinvigorated the Christian Orthodox spirit in the local population. 

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Additional Info

  • location Agia Roumeli (Saint Paul's beach), Sfakia, Chania
  • type Church
  • time period First Byzantine Period
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