Kapsa Monastery

Kapsa Monastery at Makrygiallos, Ierapetra, Crete

The monastery is situated at the mouth of Perivolakia Gorge. Its catholicon is a cavernous, two-aisled church dedicated to Saint John and the Holy Trinity; the monastery’s other buildings spread out around it.

Based on the dating of the icons, it is assumed that the monastery was in existence in as early as the 13th century.

Today, it serves as a glebe of Toplou Monastery.

Ossios Iosif Gerontogiannis, who was recognised as a saint by the Orthodox church in 2004, lived in the monastery for 17 years, from 1844. Ossios Iosif lived  as an ascetic in an adjacent cave and was buried inside the church.

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Additional Info

  • location Kalo Nero, Ierapetra, Lasithi
  • type Monastery
  • time period Venetian Period
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Daily 06:30-12:30 & 15:30-19:00

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