Koudoumas Monastery

Koudoumas Monastery in Asteroussia

Koudoumas Monastery, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is located on a beautiful coastal area south of Kofina peak.

It appears to have been founded prior to the 14th century, judging from the mural surviving in the Monastery Catholicon.

It was then deserted and began operating again thanks to the efforts of Ossios Parthenios and Ossios Evmenios, who rebuilt the monastery in the early 20th century.

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Additional Info

  • location Kofinas, Archanes, Irakleio
  • type Monastery
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Tel.:  +30 28930 41324, 697 4852023
Fax: +30 28930 41822
Website: www.imkoudouma.gr

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