Kaliviani (Mother Mary of Kalyvia) Convent

Kaliviani Monastery, Moires, Messara Heraklion in Crete

The women's coenobitic Monastery of Panagia Kaliviani (Mother Mary of Kalyvia) is located at the site of a men's monastery from the Byzantine era that was destroyed by the Ottomans. The 14th century chapel of Zoodochos Pigi has survived.

The present-day catholicon of the convent, which is dedicated to the Dormition of Mother Mary, was inaugurated in 1927. In 1956, the then-Bishop Timotheos Papoutsakis decided to establish charity foundations within the Monastery, which was converted into a convent.  Thus, an orphanage, a home for the elderly, a centre for adolescent protection, a centre for child protection and a sewing – tailoring school were founded.

At the same time, there are also handicraft workshops, a religious – folklore museum, a school for the foundations' children, etc. The convent continues to engage in significant charitable work to this day.

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  • location Moires, Faistos, Irakleio
  • type Monastery
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