Agia Irini Kroussona (St. Irene of Kroussonas) Monastery

Agia Irini Kroussona Monastery

The monastery, located south of Kroussonas, on the foothills of Psiloritis, was one of the richest monasteries during the first years of the era of Ottoman rule.

It subsequently underwent a long period of desertion and almost became nothing more than ruins. 

It is cited in 16th century texts. In 1822, the monks were put to death, the monastery was destroyed and its property was given to Kera Monastery.

The monastery was reconstructed in 1940 and the monks returned in 1944. Its catholicon is a two-aisled basilica dedicated to Saint Irene and the Dormition of Mother Mary.

It currently functions as a convent.

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Additional Info

  • location Krousonas, Malevizi, Irakleio
  • type Monastery
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