Weaving and Embroidery

Another area of handicraft where Crete can show both an age-old tradition and remarkable modern production is in the crafts of weaving and embroidery.

In most of the houses in the old days there was a room for the weaving of ornate and patterned cloth.

Crete, traditional and popular arts. Weaving and Embroidery

Important centres for weaving were the Sfakia region, and around Psiloriti the villages of Anogeia, Krousonas, Zaros, on Dicte Kritsa and Viannos, and in the Siteia mountains.

Today the industry has declined greatly – found now just in areas around Psiloriti (Krousonas, Gergeri, Zaros and Anogeia) and Dicte (Viannos) where the women, mostly the older ones, carry on making the unique Cretan woven goods in the centuries-old manner.

The decorative motifs, apart from sundry geometric-based patterns, are images borrowed from nature and everyday human activities.

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