The famous lyric poem of Vincenzo Konaros is one of the most valuable monuments in the modern Greek language.

Crete, literature and arts. Erotokritos

Written between 1640-1660, it was became one of the most important educational works in the Cretan folk culture. It illustrates the best side of the Cretan way of life, celebrating those virtues that are the basis for the Cretan quality of ‘levendias’ (or gallantry, if you like). It is deservedly still amongst the classics of modern Greek literature.

Erotokritos - Nikos Xylouris

Its 10,000 lines tell the story of Erotokritos (The One tortured by Love) and Aretousa (Virtue): at the same time it depicts key aspects of the conditions and daily life of the day.

Published first in Venice in 1713, it has become since then the ‘Bible’, so to speak, of the Cretan people.

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