Patsos gorge

The spectacular gorge of Patsos is located in the inland area of Rethymnon, at Amari region. It is a beautiful gorge with a small river running through it

The spectacular, verdant gorge of Patsos is located in the inland area of the Prefecture of Rethymnon, at the north-west part of the Municipality of Amari. It is a beautiful gorge with a small river running through it. It has been developed for the visitors’ ease of walking, by the Forest Authority.

It is 2 kilometres long and the walk requires 2 hours in total,including the return to the entrance. The elevation difference between the highest point and the entrance reaches 240 metres.

Inside the gorge there are designated rest areas and a bird watching hide. The charms of the gorge are numerous: the huge plane trees and the luxuriant vegetation that grows in the watercourse; the imposing high walls; the chapel of Agios Antonios, which is built in a niche of a large cave.

The altar of an ancient open air sanctuary used to stand next to the chapel; the god Hermes (Kraneos Ermis), protector of shepherds, forests and the fertility of nature, as well as the god Pan, were worshipped there in Antiquity.

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Additional Info

  • region Patsos-Aghios Antonios, Amari, Rethymno
  • activities Hiking, Bird Watching
  • suggested period

    All year round

  • path description


  • path length

    2 km

  • difficulty level

    Relatively easy trail (downhill path), altitude difference 240 m

  • relevant routes

    Rethimno - Arkadi - Amari

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