Messonas gorge

The gorge of Messonas is the continuation of the gorge of Havgas to the south-east, in the direction of mount Thripti.

It requires special equipment and skill

It is also good for trekking, on the ancient path which begins at Kavoussi, continues via Havgas and then carries on parallel to the gorge of Messonas.

It is 2 kilometres long in total and the elevation difference between the entrance and the outlet is 450 metres

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Additional Info

  • region Mpemponas, Ierapetra, Lasithi
  • activities Hiking, Climbing, Canyoning
  • suggested period

    All year round

  • path description


  • path length

    2 km

  • difficulty level

    Its cross is very difficult (canyoning). Requires special equipment and technical training. Can be crossed by foot only by the ancient path; altitude difference 450 m

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