Havgas gorge (Lassithi plateau)

The gorge of Havgas is the only one within the Municipality of the Lassithi plateau area. It is fairly even and easily accessible to everyone

The gorge of Havgas is the only one within the Municipality of the Lassithi plateau areaIt is fairly even and easily accessible to everyone, until the location of Neraidokolimbos (= fairy puddle), which can be easily recognized by a perfectly round boulder that has fallen into the watercourse, blocking the way to the rest of the gorge.

From this point and on, passing through the gorge becomes dangerous for those who do not have any climbing skills.

If one decides to pass through the gorge, its entrance is at the settlement of Agios Konstantinos, and it ends up at the plateau of Katharo.

The landscape is truly untouched; very few people decide to visit the gorge, both because it is largely unknown, and due to the stream which flows for the better part of the year. 

Havgas gorge is essentially the drainage channel of Katharo plateau to Lassithi plateau. Τherefore, given the fact that it channels large amounts of water whenever it rains, one must be well informed about the weather conditions before deciding to pass through the gorge. 

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Additional Info

  • region Aghios Konstantinos-Lasithi Plateau, Lasithi Plateau, Lasithi
  • activities Hiking, Mountaineering, Canyoning
  • suggested period

    Spring to Autumn

  • path description


  • path length

    about 3 km

  • difficulty level

    Easy way up to a point (Neraidokolympos). Its crossing is very difficult path there after. Requires special equipment and technical knowledge. Altitude difference 220 m

  • relevant routes

    Agios Nikolaos - Selakano - Kritsa

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