Anidri gorge

The gorge of Anidri is small yet lovely. It is located in the Paleochora region

The gorge of Anidri is small yet lovely. It is located in the Paleochora region, at the south-west end of the Chania Prefecture. It runs from the village of Anidri to the magnificent twin beaches at Gialiskari, which are separated by a small peninsula thick with junipers. The gorge is 2 kilometres long. It requires less than 1 hour to pass through, and a little more than that to return to the village.

Remote peaks with smooth slopes, extensive olive groves, orchards, chestnut trees, and plane trees growing in ravines and damp spots, make up a wonderful setting, gentler in comparison to the eastern part of the Kandanos-Selinos area, and full of characteristic colours and scents. The gorge of Anidri, which is a part of this diverse ecosystem, may not have impressively high, vertical walls, but is an ideal destination for those who prefer pleasant walks in Cretan nature. 

At the end of the route, a swim in the cool, crystal-clear waters of the Libyan Sea, at magnificent Gialiskari, is very rewarding, and prepares the visitor for the return to the village or the walk to neighbouring Lissos, to the east (E4 path) or to Paleochora, to the west. 

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