Minoan house at Chamezi

Excavations conducted by Stephanos Xanthoudides in 1903 at the location of Souvloto Mouri brought to light a Minoan building. The unique in its time ellipse-shaped construction and its possible use had puzzled the archaeologists for many years. A survey conducted in 1971 by Professor Costis Davaras brought to light new facts, which proved that this building was actually a house; it is dated to 2200-2000 BC and it is the only Minoan building with this shape found until today. Remnants of older houses were also unearthed in the area.

Bronze artefactswere uncovered outside the house, while vessels and several figurines were found inside the rooms; they are kept today in the Museums of Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos

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Additional Info

  • location Hamezi (Souvloto Mouri), Sitia, Lasithi
  • type Minoan House
  • time period Minoan Era
  • site condition/facilities Open-Well preserved
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