Larinaki and Listis

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Going along to the east, towards Keratokampos, the next beach you meet is Larinaki.


Larinaki and Listis is two of the most beatiful beaches of South Heraklio. They attract nudists as also they are preffered by free campers

A most attractive pebble beach with very clear deep water. It is not organized, and you will encounter neither umbrellas nor sunbeds. A few tamarisks growing at the front of the beach offer shade to the visitor, such as the wandering campers.

Once again, the isolation ensures it attracts nudists.

Nearby are some tavernas, but for rent-rooms and other amenities you must go to Tsoutsouras a few kilometers to the west. It is a developed seaside community.

The area has proven to be archaeologically interesting – as indeed the whole Tsoutsouras area is. Nearby here some Hellenistic and Roman graves have turned up.

To get to the beach, a road runs here from Tsoutsouras, some 7 km off: the same goes on to the exquisite strand of Listis (the Robber), and a little further east to that of Kastri.


The strand is in a most beautiful setting: a natural bay with huge rocks forms a magnificent beach. It has sand, very crystal-clear water and a sandy bottom.

The name comes from a rocky section at the east end: in one of the caves there a terrible robber (listis) once lived, as the locals say.

It is not developed at all: no tavernas nor rooms to rent may be found. If you do not care for unsupervised camping, then you must make your way to the organized villages of Tsoutsouras and Keratokampos, where plenty of hotels and rent-rooms ply their trade.

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Additional Info

  • location East of Tsoutsouras, Minoa, Heraklio
  • free camping Yes
  • nudism Yes
  • beach type Sandy, Thin Pebble
  • accommodation No
  • dinning Yes - limited choices
  • other facilities


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Access Info

relevant routes & paths:



Distance: 65 km from Heraklion; 7 km east of Tsoutsouras

By car/motorcycle: From Heraklion take the road for Arkalohori; thence make for Tsoutsouros, following the signs you meet. Be aware that the road after Arkalohori plenty of bends. From Tsoutsouros head east: after 7 km you are at the beach of Larinaki, and a bit further on is the beautiful beach Kastri. .


Distance: 69 km from Heraklion; 2 km west of Keratokambos.

By car/motorcycle: Drive 2 km west of Keratokambos.

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