The Beaches at Kokkinos Pyrgos

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Moving from west to east across the borders of the Rethymnon and Heraklion Prefectures, between the settlements of Aghia Galini and Tymbaki is Kokkinos Pyrgos.

Kokkinos Pyrgos

By the harbour of Kokkinos Pirgos the sandy beach is exposed to the strong southwesterly winds, and reasonably organized

The village is called after a tower, built of red clay, that once stood here. A small harbour operates here, where are to be seen skiffs and fishing boats. The locals mostly work with the greenhouse crops, which cover vast areas hereabouts.

By the harbour, the sandy beach is exposed to the strong southwesterly winds, and reasonably organized. On it you will find umbrellas, sunbeds and showers – and many hotels, rent-rooms and tavernas.

The beach also provides shelter for the loggerhead turtle (Kareta kareta): the females come ashore to lay their eggs.

West of the small harbour, you will find yet another beach – more secluded and isolated, with pebbles, rocks and a number of tamarisks around: a destination favoured by the nudists.

East of Kokkinos Pyrgos is the beach of Katalyki – basically a continuation of the first.

Katalyki Beach

With sand and shallow blue waters, it is open to the strong southwest winds that blow strongly as at Kokkinos Pyrgos.

It is well organized: you will find sunbeds and umbrellas, and a lifeguard for the safety of the bathers. Facilities for water-sports exist. Hotels, rent-rooms, tavernas with fresh fish and cafeterias are all situated close to the beach.

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Additional Info

  • location Timpaki, Phaistos, Heraklio
  • free camping Yes
  • nudism Yes - in some areas
  • beach type Sandy, Thin Pebble
  • accommodation Yes - plenty of choices
  • dinning Yes - plenty of choices
  • other facilities

    Umbrellas, sunbeds, shower. Lifeguard and water sports on the beach Katalyki.

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Access Info

relevant routes & paths:

Route at Asterousia

Distance: 67 km from Heraklion, 2 km from Tymbaki, 10 km from Agia Galini, 15 km from Matala.

By car/motorcycle:
From the Northwest:
Take the main road leading from Rethymnon to Tymbaki. From there after 2 km more you will reach Kokkinos Pyrgos.
From the Northeast: Take the main road leading from Heraklion to Tymbaki, passing through Moires. From Tymbaki after 2 km more you will reach Kokkinos Pyrgos.
By bus: Services run to Tymbaki from Heraklion.

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