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Tripiti beach at Asterousia is extensive: it has sand, small pebbles and green crystal-clear waters which deepen rapidly. In the cliff-faces all around numerous caves

This takes its name from the church of the Panagia Trypitis: built in a cave (=hole=trypa) in the gorge.

The beach is extensive, but not affected by the strong local winds: it has sand, small pebbles and green crystal-clear waters which deepen rapidly. In the cliff-faces all around numerous caves have formed.

It is not developed: you will find but one taverna. Nor is there any proper accommodation near in which to stay, only some illegal constructions without any electricity that are rented out. However, the beach is suited to unsupervised camping, as the trees nearby provide shade for placing one’s tent in.

When there, you can visit the ruins of a Minoan settlement, high on a hill to the northeast of the beach.

Again to reach here, there are two ways in.

The first starts from Lenta, from which you take the road to Krotos: after 2 km turn right at a junction and go on until you get to the beach, passing through the area of Cape Trafoulas.

You will be on a rough dirt-road that crosses the coastal region: the views of the Libyan sea en route are quite extraordinary!

The second way begins at the village of Vassiliki, goes through the Asteroussia mountains and down the Trypiti gorge: though a passable dirt-road, it is still quite a difficult drive with many bends. Close to the beach the two near-vertical cliffs that make up the canyon’s sides are so close that your car will only barely squeeze through the gap. This route will also impress you with the wild beauty of the barren and arresting landscape.

Continuing east, the next beach is that of Katarti.

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Additional Info

  • location East of Lentas, Gortina, Heraklio
  • free camping Yes
  • nudism Yes
  • beach type Sandy, Thin Pebble
  • accommodation No
  • dinning Yes - limited choices
  • other facilities


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Access Info

relevant routes & paths:

Route at Asterousia

Distance: 73 km from Heraklion.

By car/motorcycle: From Lenta on the coastal road that passes across Cape Trafoulas (6 km). Alternatively, from the village of Vasiliki, across the Asterousia Mountains and down the gorge of Trypiti (9 km). Both are dirt roads.

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