Beaches in the Area of Lenta

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Dyskos is a lovely long beach, very close to Lentas. The beach has both sand, small pebbles and very clear green waters and it is preferred by nudists

Dyskos is a small village with a lovely long beach, very close to Lenta. The beach has both sand and small pebbles and very clear green waters than deepen abruptly.

The west part, and most remote from the village, is preferred by nudists.

As a whole, the beach is ideal for camping, because of the trees that grow all along it and proffer their shade to the campers. It is only slightly organized, but all around are enough rent-rooms and picturesque small tavernas right by the waves.


The beach of Lentas has small pebbles and very clear water. Organized, it has all about it traditional tavernas that serve fresh fish

This village is built on the site of the ancient city of Leven. The modern name Lenta, meaning Lion, comes from the Cape of that name (and shape) to the west of the settlement.

When in Lenta, you can see the ruins of the temple to Asclepius, dating to the 3rd century BC. The shrine and the healing springs were visited by pilgrims from all over the eastern Mediterranean. Of the temple there remain but two broken marble columns, large rectangular slabs from an altar, a statue base and parts of a Roman mosaic.

By the temple is an early Christian Basilica – the site now of an attractive chapel. On every side you will notice scattered bits of architecture (from the Asclepius shrine) used as building materials in its construction.

The beach in front of the village has small pebbles and very clear water. Organized, it has all about it traditional tavernas that serve fresh fish, as well as numbers of rent-rooms.

On the edge of a small ravine that winds its way by Lenta is another pleasing beach with sand and pebbles – Limanaki (the Small Harbour). Basically speaking, both east and west of Lenta are several secluded beaches with sand and pebbles: some are frequented by nudists.

To get to Lenta you can go either by the road that passes through the villages of Miamou and Krotos, or take the coastal dirt-road from Kaloi Limenes.

Anatolikos Tsigkounas

This also goes by the names of Petrakis and Ostria, after hotels there. The beach fronts a tiny village, and is itself both large and isolated enough. It has pebbles and deep clear water; not developed, nonetheless a few tavernas and rent-rooms exist. The beach lends itself to camping as the tamarisks grow all along it, allowing visitors to put up their tents in their shelter.

To get here you can go by car from Lenta, following the road that goes to the harbour area.

Continuing eastwards, the next beach one comes to is Loutra.

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Additional Info

  • location Lentas, Gortina, Heraklio
  • free camping Yes - in some areas
  • nudism Yes - in some areas
  • beach type Sandy, Thin Pebble
  • accommodation Yes - some choices
  • dinning Yes - plenty of choices
  • other facilities

    There are umbrellas, sun beds and showers.

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Access Info

relevant routes & paths:

Route at Asterousia


Distance: 74 km from Heraklion.

By car/motorcycle: From Lenta take path to the west, following it until Dyskes, just 1-2 km away.
On foot: Along the path running from Lentas Cape.


Distance: 74 km Heraklion.

By car/motorcycle: Follow the surfaced road that passes through the villages of Miamou and Krotos. Alternatively, you can take the dirt road that connects Kaloi Limenes with Lenta.
By bus: Services run from Heraklion to Lentas twice a day.

Anatolikos Tsingouras

Distance: 75 km from Heraklion, 1 km from Lenta.

By car/motorcycle: From Lenta take the road leading to the harbour area.

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